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Playing with Hula October 30, 2005

Posted by decode in Open Source, Web Technology.

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the current Hula code from the SubVersion repository. I was disappointed that the calendar web interface demo of cool AJAX interaction that Nat showed off in August was not present. Instead, the web calendar is simple HTML and CSS, and the interface is no better than Sunbird, and at times significantly worse. This is the same interface that Nat showed in February when the original announcement was made. It was also disappointing to see that the admin interface is still basically the same as Novell NetMail, with a little bit of color thrown in.

This is not intended as a critique on the work of the Hula team. They have taken on a gargantuan effort (open sourcing and improving over 200,000 lines of code), while still doing great work on other projects. I’m sure that most of their effort thus far has been in the large task of scrubbing the code to remove Novell proprietary stuff and working on backend and architecture stuff, but it would be more fun for me to have eye candy and toys to play with. 🙂



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