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Attitude November 28, 2005

Posted by decode in Music.

I was searching the web for the lyrics to a song today for which I couldn’t remember the title or artist. The only thing I found was a forum post that no longer exists. So, for posterity’s sake, I present here the lyrics of “Attitude” from Stephen Wiley‘s 1990 release “Rhythm And Poetry”. Words transcribed by me from the cassette tape liner notes.


Home boys are rappin’ on the street
They got the Reeboks on their feet
They got the cars the gangster lean
Speakers boomin’ the bass is mean
Got their hats pulled to the side
Dark glasses on jackets open wide
They got the look to set the mood
They say they’ve got “the attitude”

The attitude
The attitude
They say they’ve got
The attitude

Now ladies I’ve seen you in the beauty salon
Cutting hair off and gluing it on
Pressing your hair into the latest style
I’ll rap about you for awhile
Pasting on your fingernails
Ready to attack the nearest male
You’ve got the look rehearsed the movies
You think you’ve got “the attitude”

The attitude
The attitude
They say they’ve got
The attitude

Attitudes changing everyday
What to wear what to say
Used to be “cool” was best
Now it’s “ice cold,” “chilllin” or “fresh”
You can’t keep up, it moves so fast
You’re runnin’ through all your cash
Buyin’ the stuff it takes to prove
You’ve really got the attitude
You know it’s never gonna last
“Right now” is gonna be “past”
The attitude you’ve got today
Is only gonna fade away
But there are things that never change
Today, tomorrow, forever the same
I’m gonna rap about the dude
Who’s really got “The attitude”

The attitude
The attitude
Who’s really got
The attitude

You may not notice what he wears
Instead you see how much he cares
Servin’ God’s his claim to fame
“Helping hand” is the middle name
He doesn’t gossip, brag or boast
He’s full of love and the Holy Ghost
Walkin’ bold talkin’ smooth
You know he’s got “the attitude”

The attitude
The attitude
You know he’s got
The attitude

I saw a lady the other day
Teaching children how to pray
In a circle on the ground
Children red, black, white, yellow and brown
Moving closer to listen in
I heard her praying once again
Give us grace that we can prove
To all the world “your attitude”

You may be jammin’ to my groove
Wond’ring about this attitude
You say – it’s not my car, my hair, my clothes
Then what is it because I wanna know
How do I get it, where do I begin
(I said) open your heart and let Jesus in
You’re not livin’ ’till you’ve met the dude
His name is Jesus – “the attitude”

The attitude
The attitude
His name is Jesus
The attitude



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